FEPASS is able to carry out its own foreign claims management activity according to the most different operational needs of the clients, either directly or through primary international partners.
FEPASS is integrated into the WEISSERBERGH network, of which it is representative for Italy.
As far as international claims are concerned, the FEPASS organization is based on three levels of operations:

  1. Third-Party Administrating - Network Coordination and Customer Interaction - Performed directly by FEPASS for all claims;
  2. Local operations - Execution of local assignments by employees of primary international partners, subject to supervision and coordination of FEPASS;
  3. Local specialist operations - Execution of specific assignments upon direct involvement of FEPASS representatives assisted locally by special Teams employees of the selected international providers.

In all cases, the service is ensured through the SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT system, in the sense that the customer has to deal with a single interlocutor at FEPASS for his every need.
The partnership with leading international providers in the sector, makes FEPASS an interlocutor able to manage and verify claims by carrying out any activity, even directly on site, through its international network.