FEPASS operates in the various branches of insurance for the assessment and settlement of damages and this with specific reference to claims:
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Pollution
  • Food and Tampering risks
  • Mounting Risks
  • Machine failures
  • C.A.R. / E.A.R.
  • Indirect damage
  • Catastrophic Events
  • Leasing
  • Electronic Damage
  • Industrial Risks
  • Cargo
Our areas of operation concern the industrial, civil and maritime sectors, with specific reference to the following insurance branches:
  • Frequency : The company offers services aimed at covering the entire course of the claim, providing, at the request of the customers, also a prompt settlement service.
    The global management of frequency claims is carried out favoring, from the time of their preliminary phase, the timeliness of the intervention on the site of loss; in this regard, our operating procedures for the early stages of the handling, dictate to follow these steps:
    • immediate telephone contact with the insured / damaged
    • establishing contact with the complainant / insured, by e-mail / sms and, in case of unavailability, certified mail / telegram, communication
    • visit, within 48 hours of receipt of the assignment, at the domicile / place of the insured / damaged person's claim, for an initial recognition of the consequences of the accident
    In case of failure to reply to the letter of invitation, an inspection / inspection is carried out (within 5 days from the date of engagement), during which, if it is not possible to proceed with the expert activity, left or handwritten special written notice.
    Once the tasks related to the detection and the potential settlement of the damage have been expended, the expert reports are returned, within the established times, according to the instructions received from each insurance company
  • Transport : Loss prevention, claims management on coverages: goods, bodies and pleasure craft
  • Products Liability : Conducting of all the activities related to expert investigations, including pre-contractual verification phases aimed at identifying the exact type of risks to be insured, the assessment of production processes, installation, ect.
  • Analysis of the methods of occurrence of damages, technical-laboratory checks focused on identifying responsibilities and, therefore, aimed at possible recovery actions to be undertaken
  • Special Risks : Inspections of safety plans are carried out in relation to the current legislation, and compliance with site programs on the subject of accident prevention, analysis of risks attributable to production activities, as well as compliance with the regulations laid down by law with reference the aspects of posthumous third-party liability and, again, those of verification of the ISO certification requirements, etc.
FEPASS's handling of claims involves the following procedure:
  • immediate confirmation of the assignment;
  • investigation on the claim;
  • ⁃ drafting reports for each claim in order to allow the Insurers to take all necessary decisions, at any time, both with regard to the maintenance of the risk and with reference to the claim, also providing useful "loss prevention" guidelines.
FEPASS also provides to contact the third party claimants and to entertain a dialogue with them on behalf of the Insurers with the aim of:
  • Preventing disputes;
  • Provide prompt (and as contained) compensation for claims as soon as they are negotiable;
  • Protect the rights of insurers
The approach to claims management implemented by FEPASS is specialized, highly technical and collaborative with all stakeholders, in an attempt to fully protect the rights of insurers without neglecting the satisfaction of the final customer and, therefore, the purchaser of the insurance product.
With regard to the total management of claims relating to policies and / or agreements, this can also be implemented through a “third-party admnistration” system which includes:
  • The direct receipt of the claim by the broker or directly by the insured;
  • The opening of the position on a bordereau claims updated in real time;
  • The immediate / "desktop" type of treatment on the basis of the bordereau of claims of lesser economic and technical importance;
  • The expert assessment (accompanied, if necessary, by a medical and legal analysis) of the most significant claims to be identified through parameters agreed with the Insurers - in these cases we will proceed with the treatment according to the classic outline of the expert report;
  • The reproduction, in electronic format, of all the files related to the claims so that they can be transmitted and viewed by the Insurers or their agents in the event of a request to that effect.
Taking into account the characteristics of its staff, FEPASS is able to carry out its management activities according to the most diverse operational needs. The flexibility of integrated services, provided by FEPASS, also makes it possible to satisfy, in terms of quality and speed of intervention, the most meticulous requirements of the Customers.

It was also planned, with a view to a synergy aimed at optimizing services, an organization, with other partners, able to guarantee, especially in the presence of complex claims (such as, for example, natural disasters) , the timely intervention of qualified technicians who can proceed to expert investigations and, at the same time, dispose of any and more appropriate loss mitigation activities.

For the management of claims of particular interest, FEPASS makes use of the collaboration of its experts with reference to each specific product sector.